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Pokemon Go… Gently

Fellow Spoonie Pokemon Trainers! I’ve figured out a few tricks in order to get a good experience of playing Pokemon Go and not completely spending all of your spoons for several weeks.

  • If you close the app and just go to the home screen (don’t close it completely or you’ll have to go through the lengthy log in process every time) you can open it up again and your GPS/character will be wandering around for a bit. This counts as distance. I’ve been doing this for hatching eggs in Houston, where it’s almost impossible for even abled people to go out during the day in the summer.
  • Use Incense! You can attract Pokemon to come to you rather than spending spoons to go searching. You’ll usually get more common Pokemon (Bug and Normal types), but it adds up! The more stardust you have, the better.
  • Lures! You don’t have to walk too much when you’re at a Pokestop with lures. They come to you. Make sure you’re well stocked on Pokeballs.
  • Get a friend to drive you around. You’re in charge of catching Pokemon for them, though. Do not Pokemon and drive. It’s actually  hilarious trying to catch two at once. Maybe do this around a neighborhood or empty parking lots where erratic driving is a bit more forgivable.
  • Stock up on common Pokemon in your area (Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Weedle, etc.) and their respective candies. Then, use your Lucky Egg and evolve them during that 30 minute period. You gain about 600 EXP when you evolve something, so with the Lucky Egg, you’ll get 1200 EXP for one evolution! You don’t have to use stardust to evolve anything, either.
  • Got a wagon? Use it. Have friends or family members pull you around. It’ll remind you of the good old days. They seem a bit better for rougher terrain than wheelchairs.
  • Here’s something I’ve discovered myself! If you’re in the same spot for a while, some random Pokemon just show up! It’s usually the more common ones in your area, but the more stardust you can get, the better.
  • How to get whatever Eeveelution you want: (Ok, don’t kill me if this doesn’t work, but I myself have seen two successful desired evolutions with this method. I’ll update it once I’m able to do this myself since I’m low on Eevee candy.) You nickname the Eevees before evolving them. It’s Rainer to get Vaporeon, Sparky to get Jolteon, and Pyro to get Flareon. This is based off of the episode from season 1 of Pokemon where the kid brother gets pressured to evolve his Eevee using an evolution stone. Please comment below if this method actually works for you! I don’t want to be spreading misinformation.
    Edit: I’m absolutely positive this is real. I’ve seen it about three more times and I’ve done it myself to get a Flareon and a Jolteon after getting two Vaporeon by chance. It works.
  • The curve ball. You can do this by spinning the Pokeball around in circles before you throw it. You can tell it’s charged up if you see sparks flying from it. It’s a bit harder to catch stuff, but you get an extra 10 EXP for doing it successfully.
  • Here’s one I’ve just heard recently. You can download the Ingress app and search for Pokestops in your area since the Pokemon Go app doesn’t map out outside your area. Landmarks are also marked in the Ingress app so you can plan out routes and breaks. Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes or so, so you can rest in a shady area near one and farm items and 50 EXP every time.
  • This is something I have been trying to tell myself, but know when to stop. I got really close to hurting myself from walking nearly 5 km in one go to hatch an egg. My knees and ankles were radiating with pain. I was surprised that people near me couldn’t feel it. Don’t do that. Ash wouldn’t want that. He knew when it was time to stop and take a rest for the day. There’s no need to feel like you need to compete with others that are playing. It’s just a fun game (that should’ve probably had a bit more time spent on it with all the server problems there have been, but I digress).

And as a final question to Spoonie Trainers: I know we all can’t go on a Pokemon journey, but what kind of life do you think you would have if Pokemon were real? I’ve always pictured myself keeping them as pets or guard animals – most of them being abandoned strays before I find them. This is the case with almost all of my pets, so I figured that wouldn’t change in this fantasy world.

Now please excuse me, two Eevee just showed up and I’m freaking out.

Edit: The game crashed as soon as I caught one of them. Of course.



How to be cool

Today was a gross day. It rained for several hours this afternoon and then by 5 o’clock the sun started beating down like nobody’s business, making Houston the sauna swamp that it’s always wanted to be. The only reason why I was outside was because I had to represent the organization I’m an officer for at my university (The Rex Fleming Players, whoop whoop!).

When I did this last summer, I nearly passed out from the heat because I was severely anemic at the time. Instead of passing out, though, my body reacted as if I were having a vicious bout of food poisoning. Being alone at the table at the time, things were extremely rough. I honestly have no idea how I got through that afternoon.

What really needs to be addressed is how to stay comfortable in this awful hot, humid weather when you have a chronic illness.

  • Water. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Water is EXTREMELY important when you’re outside in the heat. Drink water before and after your time outside.
  • Ice. It’s a good idea to use ice for a lot of things, but you need to be careful with it. Don’t go jumping into a pool of it right if your body’s overheated. That’s a one way ticket to getting sick and your muscles shocked. Also, if you’re working out, don’t drink ice water. It’s really bad for your kidneys. Save it until your body is ready.
  • Air conditioning. It’s an absolute lifesaver. I’m really lucky that I live in one of the most air conditioned cities in America. Don’t push yourself to stay outside longer than you need to. You have other things to worry about than getting a tan.
  • Thinner clothing. Modest is most definitely hottest in this case. Don’t be afraid to wear a tank top and shorts every once and a while. Your body will thank you.
  • Sunscreen. This isn’t really a way to stay cool, but with the thinner clothing, your body is more exposed to the sun’s evil rays. Skin cancer isn’t cute, so apply as suggested by the back of the bottle. I recommend the spray on sunscreen because they dry really quickly.
  • Shade. If you must be outside, shade is your best option to stay in. If you’re in a situation where you’re unable to be near it, either find a way to ask someone to accommodate to your needs or an umbrella will do nicely.
  • Electrolytes. These are super important. I knew a kid in high school that ended up having to be life-flighted to a hospital because he actually drank too much water and didn’t have any electrolytes in his body. Wait until after your time outside is over in order to fully recharge what you’ve lost. Gatorade, Powerade, or any sports drink will do fine. Don’t drink too much of it though because the sugars in these drinks will cause things to be counterproductive. 
  • Popsicles and ice cream. Because who would want to say no to these? Otter pops are super cheap at almost any grocery store and they’re also a personal favorite of mine.