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Pokemon Go… Gently

Fellow Spoonie Pokemon Trainers! I’ve figured out a few tricks in order to get a good experience of playing Pokemon Go and not completely spending all of your spoons for several weeks.

  • If you close the app and just go to the home screen (don’t close it completely or you’ll have to go through the lengthy log in process every time) you can open it up again and your GPS/character will be wandering around for a bit. This counts as distance. I’ve been doing this for hatching eggs in Houston, where it’s almost impossible for even abled people to go out during the day in the summer.
  • Use Incense! You can attract Pokemon to come to you rather than spending spoons to go searching. You’ll usually get more common Pokemon (Bug and Normal types), but it adds up! The more stardust you have, the better.
  • Lures! You don’t have to walk too much when you’re at a Pokestop with lures. They come to you. Make sure you’re well stocked on Pokeballs.
  • Get a friend to drive you around. You’re in charge of catching Pokemon for them, though. Do not Pokemon and drive. It’s actually  hilarious trying to catch two at once. Maybe do this around a neighborhood or empty parking lots where erratic driving is a bit more forgivable.
  • Stock up on common Pokemon in your area (Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Weedle, etc.) and their respective candies. Then, use your Lucky Egg and evolve them during that 30 minute period. You gain about 600 EXP when you evolve something, so with the Lucky Egg, you’ll get 1200 EXP for one evolution! You don’t have to use stardust to evolve anything, either.
  • Got a wagon? Use it. Have friends or family members pull you around. It’ll remind you of the good old days. They seem a bit better for rougher terrain than wheelchairs.
  • Here’s something I’ve discovered myself! If you’re in the same spot for a while, some random Pokemon just show up! It’s usually the more common ones in your area, but the more stardust you can get, the better.
  • How to get whatever Eeveelution you want: (Ok, don’t kill me if this doesn’t work, but I myself have seen two successful desired evolutions with this method. I’ll update it once I’m able to do this myself since I’m low on Eevee candy.) You nickname the Eevees before evolving them. It’s Rainer to get Vaporeon, Sparky to get Jolteon, and Pyro to get Flareon. This is based off of the episode from season 1 of Pokemon where the kid brother gets pressured to evolve his Eevee using an evolution stone. Please comment below if this method actually works for you! I don’t want to be spreading misinformation.
    Edit: I’m absolutely positive this is real. I’ve seen it about three more times and I’ve done it myself to get a Flareon and a Jolteon after getting two Vaporeon by chance. It works.
  • The curve ball. You can do this by spinning the Pokeball around in circles before you throw it. You can tell it’s charged up if you see sparks flying from it. It’s a bit harder to catch stuff, but you get an extra 10 EXP for doing it successfully.
  • Here’s one I’ve just heard recently. You can download the Ingress app and search for Pokestops in your area since the Pokemon Go app doesn’t map out outside your area. Landmarks are also marked in the Ingress app so you can plan out routes and breaks. Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes or so, so you can rest in a shady area near one and farm items and 50 EXP every time.
  • This is something I have been trying to tell myself, but know when to stop. I got really close to hurting myself from walking nearly 5 km in one go to hatch an egg. My knees and ankles were radiating with pain. I was surprised that people near me couldn’t feel it. Don’t do that. Ash wouldn’t want that. He knew when it was time to stop and take a rest for the day. There’s no need to feel like you need to compete with others that are playing. It’s just a fun game (that should’ve probably had a bit more time spent on it with all the server problems there have been, but I digress).

And as a final question to Spoonie Trainers: I know we all can’t go on a Pokemon journey, but what kind of life do you think you would have if Pokemon were real? I’ve always pictured myself keeping them as pets or guard animals – most of them being abandoned strays before I find them. This is the case with almost all of my pets, so I figured that wouldn’t change in this fantasy world.

Now please excuse me, two Eevee just showed up and I’m freaking out.

Edit: The game crashed as soon as I caught one of them. Of course.



Spoonie Shortcuts

Since I’m often low on energy, I often have to figure out the most efficient way to get through my day. Here are some things that I do to make things easier for myself.

  • Learning how to pick things up with my feet. It seems weird, but it works. Bending over or getting on the ground requires a tremendous amount of effort to get back up once you’re already down there. You’ll be spending spoons you don’t have. The only time that this technique can’t be used is if one of your dog’s toys gets lost under the couch and she won’t stop crying until you get it.
  • Showering in the morning. I used to shower at night before I was diagnosed, but I often had trouble motivating myself to actually shower because I was always so tired at the end of the day. Before I used to shower to relax, but now I do it to wake up for the day. Showering in the morning requires getting up a bit earlier than you normally would, but you can go out into your day feeling refreshed and awake.
  • Naps. Naps are a super important part of my day. I don’t know why preschool me didn’t appreciate them more. I try not to sleep more than an hour at a time or it becomes counterproductive and makes me feel groggy. They’re also a good measure to take if you’ve just taken a Tylenol and wish to fight off a fever, a headache, or any sort of muscle pain.
  • Learn where the bathrooms are. As soon as I come to a new place, I scope out the area for where the bathroom is. It’ll be useful information sooner or later.
  • Asking for help. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but it’s an option in life that I always forget about. I’ve struggled with things because I’ve tried to do it on my own, but realized afterward that things would’ve been a million times easier if I had gotten help. One time at work I insisted that I be the one to take 6 heavy boxes full of books to the post office, but it wiped me out for the rest of the day. If I had gotten help, I would’ve been able to have been a normal person for the rest of the day. But nooooo, super strong Lauren had to do it on her own. Super strong Lauren is a dumb, that’s for sure.
  • Carry extra underwear. I’ve had a few accidents myself this past year, so now I know to always carry an extra pair with me. Going commando in shorts that are too big for you is super embarrassing, but ultimately preventable.
  • Carry a pill case with you. You may feel like a pharmacy, but carrying your medicine in a weekly divided case can really help you keep track of your medications. I would often forget whether or not I had taken my medicines for the day, but I was able to stay organized once I had found a case to keep everything in. I also carry around Tums and Tylenol for good measure/emergencies.
  • Pack up the night before. This will give you the time to prepare for the next day to avoid rushing and/or forgetting something. I usually leave things that I don’t want to forget within my walking path in my room. This may make for a messy living environment, but it works well for me.
  • Written reminders. These can vary from reminders on your phone to written on your hand. Since I’ve gotten a smart phone, I haven’t written on my hand in a while. I used to get into a ton of trouble for it in middle school, though. Apparently the ever looming possibility of ink poisoning was the worst of my problems back then.
  • Microwavable meals. This doesn’t necessarily mean eating Lean Cuisine for every meal, but mainly preparing to eat mostly leftovers. I can’t cook worth a damn and when I do have to, it’s an exhausting process. I’m already hungry and probably barely have enough spoons left to make myself a meal. Once the meal is even made, I’ll probably have even less energy to serve it to myself, so it just turns into a vicious cycle. When I’m slow on spoons, I usually end up rooting around for snack food instead, which isn’t good. Leftovers from food my mom or dad made have saved my spoons many a time.
  • Carry a towel in your car. Learned this one from Hitchhiker’s Guide. Seriously, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.
  • Snacks. I always try to carry some sort of snack on me if I remember. It’s usually some sort of breakfast or protein bar that’s good for easy calories.
  • Avoid over committing. This is something I definitely have trouble with. I have the hardest time in the world saying no. I always feel like I need to help or be busy, but that’s something I can’t do anymore. This summer I’ve been trying to limit myself to one or two major events in a day in order to slowly wean myself into doing smaller amounts throughout the week.
  • Most importantly, let yourself rest. Energy doesn’t come from nothing, so don’t run yourself down to that point. It’s something that I still have trouble with, but I’m planning on letting myself learn how to relax this summer.