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Have You Tried Yoga?

I found something on Tumblr that encompasses my feelings about yoga being used to treat disabilites.

Ok so I need to write out why the “have you tried yoga” thing bugs me so much. First of all, I know my body better than you so stop. You know nothing about my condition. You are not a qualified expert (and some doctors don’t even fall under this catagory as they tend to shy away from people with chronic illnesses). You are not a person living with this disability. You cannot understand or relate, as much as you may want to. I am the one living with this not you. Secondly, it places the blame on me and not on my condition. It suggests that I’m not trying hard enough to feel better so the way I’m feeling is my fault. My dad tells me all the time that I would feel 100% better if I just exercised more. Living with a disability is difficult enough on it’s own so don’t try and suggest to me some idiotic suggestion about something you know nothing about. I do not chose to feel this way and I will not be cured by simply exercising or doing yoga. Please add on to this if you have other thoughts.

In all honesty, I love yoga. I love how calming an environment a yoga class can be if you can ignore the smell of the cardio class that just finished. It was one of my favorite things to do for skating. I was one of the best of my skating friends at it, if that even means anything. Can you be good at yoga? I was pretty strong, but not as flexible as most people expect figure skaters to be. I accepted it.

However, I haven’t attended any sort of yoga class or done it on my own since I started experiencing my IBD symptoms. Why?

Because I have only limited amounts of energy as someone with a chronic illness, so I spend my time and energy in ways I feel like it would be the most productive. I don’t feel like it would help my symptoms or help my joint pain.

Instead, I allow myself to rest and have some time to myself. I am an introvert, but I often find being with one or two other friends refreshing.

So, next time you meet someone with a chronic or mental illness, don’t ask them if they do yoga. That just makes them feel like they’re not doing enough to treat their illness, when they’re most likely doing a perfectly fine job. You’re placing the blame on them for not being healthy. You can’t know how they are feeling at that exact moment.

I’ve gone though outings with friends dealing with mild nausea and a headache. Once, I asked someone if they noticed anything weird about me as I was out with a fever (I was flaring, so nothing contagious, I promise). They said I looked fine.

Instead of asking someone with a chronic or mental illness if they’ve tried yoga, ask them how their day was.