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Quesadillas never let you down

I’m still dealing with fevers. Work today was rough and I almost decided to go home early, but I was able to power through the discomfort. I guilted my coworker into probably doing more than his fair share, but he did skip out on almost three weeks on me. When I got home, I texted my older brother to tell my mom that I have a fever. Later on, my mom called to tell me to call my GI doctor when I told her that I was going to the bathroom a lot, too.

Everything I’ve tried eating today, which honestly hasn’t been more than some Pringles chips and a quesadilla, has gone straight through me. I’ve had waves of abdominal pain go through me. Whenever those happen, I head to the bathroom as soon as I possibly can. I’ve also been seeing undigested pills in the toilet as well. It’s super weird.

Also after I called my doctor to set up an appointment (it’s tomorrow at 5, luckily), I took a nap for nearly 5 hours. Completely insane. 

I don’t really know what’s going on with my body at the moment. I honestly thought these fevers were from my sunburns, but me getting GI problems has totally thrown me off.

Fingers crossed that everything gets settled tomorrow.

I just hope I don’t get put back on Prednisone.


Fevers again

Today’s my first day being completely off of Prednisone and my body completely crashed. I was doing fine until about 6 or 7 when I noticed I was starting to get really cold, so I just got a blanket. After a little while, I noticed I was starting to feel weak and sore, so I finally thought to check my temperature. It was a whopping 100.9. I’m so frustrated.

I really hope that this doesn’t mean anything bad and that it’s just a fluke. I took some Tylenol earlier and chugged a bottle of water as fast as I could. Now I’m bundled up in hopes of sweating it out. 

I can only think that this is either sunburn related or lack of steroids related. I really don’t know what to think.

This is really out of the blue. I’ve been doing so much better recently! 

I really don’t understand.

I think I’ll just go to bed early maybe.

Solar Pain

Today was my last day on Prednisone! I’ve been on it since mid March and I was on a taper for nearly two months. I started with 60 mg, which is an insanely high dosage. I’ll be super glad once I start becoming a normal person. I took a selfie that I’m planning on saving until my moon face goes down to serve as a comparison picture. People always say that they’ve never noticed, but I don’t believe them. 

I went to work exhausted because of this past weekend. Not to mention this sunburn hurts like crazy. I couldn’t find any aloe vera or Solarcaine at first, so I had to suffer through it. Everything looks a lot more red than it did yesterday, which deeply confuses me. I didn’t even bother putting on a bra today because I knew taking off my shirt would hurt too much.

Eventually I did find some Solarcaine and I was so right about it hurting too much to take off my shirt.

I just know I’m never going outside again.

But I started feeling nauseous while sitting at the circulation desk. I almost asked if I could go home early, but I decided to tough it out because I need the money. I found out that if I closed my eyes, I would feel better, so I let myself cat nap while listening to what was around me. I just propped my head up and hid my face with my hair and forced myself to look up if I heard anybody walking by.

Also, in amazing news, one of my best friends got engaged today! I’m so happy for her!

Beach Weekend

I am never working an entire day ever again. It wasn’t even a normal length of hours and I still hate myself for it. I worked today from 7:30 am to 5 pm. I would never recommend it to any sane person. I was unbelievably bored and I just wanted to go home. All I really did was watch YouTube let’s plays of Game Grumps and Achievement Hunter/Roosterteeth. 

I also ate terribly today. I forgot to pack any sort of lunch, so I had to rely on the snacks in the bookstore to tide me over for the day. I got chips and a Gatorade. 

Then for dinner there wasn’t anything that I wanted at home (you can only eat sandwiches and microwave corn dogs for so long), so I went out to Burger King to get food. I’m still burping from it.


I’m super excited for this weekend because I’m going out of town for the first time in a long time. It’ll be my first big road trip since I started feeling my symptoms, so we’ll see how I hold up. The itinerary consists of mostly museum visits, my friend’s boyfriend’s concert, and a beach day. It doesn’t seem too rough, but I’m mostly concerned about the beach day’s bathroom opportunities.

I’m not pooping in the ocean.

I’m bringing all of my extra medicine with me as an extra precaution. You can’t be too careful. No one else I’m going with really knows anything about my condition, and I wouldn’t really expect them to, so I’m just going to keep to myself as best as I can.

I won’t be able to post anything this weekend probably, so wish me luck with being able to keep up with everyone. 

Chicken burps

So the sleeplessness after taking the melatonin was a fluke after all. I took it last night and I think I was out cold within 30 minutes. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep that fast.

Things have been alright health-wise. I’ve just been dealing with gas and heartburn recently. My stomach hasn’t been handling food very well recently. Although, back before I was diagnosed, I used to get heartburn from water, so I’m not complaining too much just yet.

The main issue I’ve been having is that it’s been storming here all evening and my ankles have been killing me. The pain free joints are much more short lived than I would’ve hoped. I hope this isn’t a sign that the Remicade is wearing off already.

It probably is, isn’t it?

Tomorrow is going to be absolutely awful. Working in a library from 7:30 to 5 with maybe a little bit of a break. The things I do for money…

I still have a ridiculous amount of hospital bills to pay off, not to mention an outrageous insurance deductible. I wish I lived in a country where a free college education and healthcare were things.

I also wish teachers were paid more.

I didn’t end up making brownies today like I wanted to. I ended up spending Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthdays finishing up season 2 of Game of Thrones and eating Chinese food.

I keep retasting the chicken whenever I burp.

Pizza poops

So the melatonin I took gave me the exact opposite effect of what I wanted. I actually slept worse than I have been recently. Not sure what that was about. I’m kinda thinking that it was a fluke. I’m gonna try taking it again tonight.

Work wasn’t too bad today. A lot of new rules are changing once the school year starts. I’m trying to decide whether I like them or not. They’re pretty good in theory, but it means a lot more extra work for me in the long run. I already have to help people out with the tutoring center stuff since it just got moved into the building.

I’d probably care more if the minimum wage was raised.

I had a pretty decent day until I ate some pizza and had a bowel movement so urgent that I almost threw up. That’s happened before and let me tell you, it’s not fun. 

I’m gonna go to bed a bit earlier to make up for my lack of sleep last night. I’m also craving brownies, so I’m probably gonna make those tomorrow because they’re delicious.

Nothing else very exciting has been happening recently for me to make this report exciting. I’m going on a trip this weekend with friends, so I’m going to miss writing on those days, but I’ll be sure to make up for it eventually.

Energy to spare

Today was my first productive day in a long time. Everything I set out to do, I ended up getting done with extra energy left over. It was pretty amazing.

Energy is a great thing to have, but I hate having to pay such a high price for it. I have to be super careful with everything because my immune system’s practically gone compared to how it should be because of Remicade.

Or maybe it was just too crazy before and now it’s at a normal rate.

I just know I have to avoid taking any sort of immune system booster. It’s super confusing, I know. That’s what I used to always add to my smoothies whenever I went to Jamba Juice. I remember one time I took my brother’s smoothie that he got from Smoothie Factory and my tongue started feeling weird. I asked him what was in it and he said just strawberries, bananas, and an immunity booster shot. Since I’m allergic to neither strawberries or bananas, I think it was the immunity booster that caused the reaction.

I’m still not used to all of this. Back when I used to skate, I used to be a tank. I’d fall from whatever jump and I’d roll out of it like I meant for it to happen. I’d just brush the snow off my butt and try again. 

Now everything’s like as if I tripped over my own feet just skating forward. I fall flat on my face because I didn’t expect for it to happen. Falling on the easier things usually make for worse falls. I’m not prepared for any sort of rebound after my body attacking itself.

This analogy is getting weird. I’m gonna stop now. I saw a Tonya Harding documentary on Netflix today, so that explains everything I’m sure.

Anyways, I found melatonin at Walmart today. I got the lowest dose they had, so I’m going to try that tonight. Hopefully getting a sounder sleep will improve my mood. Some days I feel like I’d breathe fire if I could.

That’s probably the steroids talking.

Although, I’m basing a lot of this on how I felt before I got my most recent Remicade infusion. I actually feel great compared to how things were this past month. I probably don’t need it now, but I want to get started on at least some sort of regimen for when I do start feeling badly again.

Some people will probably reprimand me for thinking about the worst possible outcome, but I personally think it will be silly for me not to. I’ve done enough research to know that I have at least one medicine left to try if Remicade doesn’t work. I know that I have a very high chance of this developing into cancer. I could probably even end up with a colostomy bag by my mid 30s. Who knows? I definitely don’t yet.

Even before I was diagnosed, I researched my symptoms and knew I either had Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. I surprised my doctor because when he told me it was ulcerative colitis after my first colonoscopy, I said “I knew it”. I don’t want to be blindsided by this.

Somehow throughout all of this, I’ve successfully avoided scaring myself with WebMD.