Update 6/8/2015

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in almost a month. I would say that I’ve been busy, but I’ve stopped being busy about two weeks ago. My productivity levels have been shot in the face ever since Houston flooded.

Healthwise I’ve been pretty shaky. I’ve been having mysterious kidney problems, apparently. I had an ultrasound two weeks ago on my kidneys and my bladder. I’m still waiting for results on that.

I’m still waiting for results on a lot of things. Medical offices really need to revamped when it comes to contacting people in a timely matter and keeping forms from getting lost.

Also, I’ve noticed some blood in my stool recently, but it’s been ok for the past few days. I weirdly wasn’t in a lot of pain and wasn’t in any extra pain. I was confused about that, so I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment with my GI specialist. I was originally trying to schedule it the week of the flooding, but I had to get a blood test right before and every place was closed even after my appointment, so I had to reschedule for the next week. Then the second appointment date, they called me like two hours before that my referral expired; leaving me with no choice but to cancel. I called my primary care doctor right after and they said they’d get the referral sent as soon as they could get to the doctor. This was last Thursday.

On Friday, I got a callback and they said they just sent the referral. It was past the time my specialist’s office was open, so I decided to wait to call them until Monday (aka: today). I call my specialist’s office and asked if they had the referral and they couldn’t find it, so I sigh, give them a callback number, then call my primary care doctor right away. After being on hold for THIRTY MINUTES, I get a hold of someone. I asked my question, but there was no record of the referral being sent.

It took all of me not to start screaming.

Instead, I took a deep sigh, asked if they could send the referral as soon as they possibly could and to contact me after they did. She said ok and hung up.

But here’s a news flash! I just got a phone call from my specialist’s office saying the form was just misplaced and I have an appointment… for this Thursday.

I’ve had to wait for three weeks for just one appointment that was originally supposed to be a checkup. Now it’s an appointment with an actual concern for my personal health. I’m really annoyed at this point.

Hopefully the kidney/bladder ultrasound results come soon and that the blood in my urine was just a weird fluke that just happened at the office. Hopefully the blood in my stool was a weird fluke, too. I’m traveling out of town soon to go visit my boyfriend’s close family friends and then to my friend’s out-of-state wedding.

I really miss being healthy.


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