Entyvio Infusion Number Two

This past Wednesday was a strange day. It started with me accidentally sleeping in, leaving me only enough time to roll out of bed, put shoes on, and run out the door. Luckily my pajamas were sweatpants and a t-shirt. I didn’t get a chance to take my morning medicine, so I was completely out of it by the time 9 o’clock rolled around. I wasn’t going to get out of work until 11. I knew I’d feel better if I ate something, but there’s really nothing on my college campus that’s safe for me to eat if I were to be strict with my diet. Since I wasn’t even able to take my 10 mg of Prednisone, I didn’t want to risk anything. I figured that if I could power my way through this mess, I would feel better once I could do something about it.

Once I was done with my shift at work, I took off to my grandma’s restaurant as fast as I could. She seriously has the best breakfast tacos in Houston. Homemade tortillas and everything. It’s called Soliz Casa de Tacos. Hit it up if you’re ever in the Sugar Land/Stafford area and make sure to bring cash. (They don’t have a credit card machine.) I was right about feeling better after eating.

After I ate, I went home to take my morning medicine and then started heading to the hospital. I still had quite a bit of brain fog because I almost started driving to school. I still got there 20 minutes early despite my detour and had to sit around for a bit. The nurse actually called me on my phone while I was in the waiting room and stopped by to get the front desk people to speed up my registration. Any time I don’t have to wait in line for something is a great time.

My nurse also got my IV in on the first try again! I’m so used to it taking two or three tries, that I get excited when it’s just once. I tried to nap during my infusion while listening to a podcast of The Thrilling Adventure Hour (which I highly recommend if you like “old timey” radio shows), but my nurse would randomly ask questions as she was filling out a form of some sort on her computer. She even randomly lifted my shirt to look at my big stretch mark on my stomach. I jumped, causing her to think my stomach was hurting to the touch, but no. Her hands were just really cold. I think the first requirement to become a medical professional is to have cold hands.

I was a bit nervous during this infusion, though. The second Remicade infusion I had was the one that showed my allergic reaction to it. Luckily, I had zero symptoms to Entyvio! Not even a trace of fatigue. I even had Blue Bell ice cream later that afternoon. (Even though dairy doesn’t normally bother me, Blue Bell ice cream can be pretty potent.)

My next infusion isn’t until May 13th, which is after I have to keep up with this blog so often for school. I won’t leave my followers hanging, though.

I may end up posting something about my poor stress management later this week.


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