First Entyvio Infusion

It’s been almost two weeks since my first Entyvio infusion and I don’t exactly know what I’m supposed to be feeling. I’m just about as tired and stressed as I was before, so that hasn’t changed. Up to two days after, my bowel movements lessened to below average, which was two instead of five to ten (I’m not joking).

When I got home from the infusion, my stomach got so swollen that I looked a good six months pregnant. I waddled around the house for the rest of the day.

At the actual infusion, I was ecstatic that the nurse found a vein to put my IV in on the first try. Last time I had that nurse, it took her three tries and another nurse and on one of them, she ended up blowing out one of my veins and it looked like a marble was stuck under my skin.

I may have issued a tiny scream when I saw it.

The Entyvio infusion itself took about 30 minutes, but I had to sit around for 30 more minutes just to make sure my body took it ok. I felt fine afterward. They even let me walk out to my car instead of using a wheelchair.

I’m at least hopeful for the future, even though this medicine literally costs more than small intestines would go on the black market. I wish I were kidding. Hopefully with more development, this medicine will become more affordable. I have my next infusion this Wednesday and I’ll make sure to write up on that one as well.


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