Another Semi-Uneventful Doctor’s Visit

I had my follow up appointment yesterday. Not much happened during these past two weeks. Fatigue has been pretty bad, but I blame the weather. The last time it snowed in Houston was a little over five years ago, but this constant cold rain makes up for it.

Of course, the wait felt like a million years and I just wanted to take a nap, but I made myself stay awake and watch Jeopardy in the waiting room. My GI doctor’s waiting room is the only place I’ve ever actively watched Jeopardy.

I always get the same nurse. She asks me what I’m there for, gets my weight, checks what medications I’m on, and takes my blood pressure all while carrying on another conversation. Yesterday’s riveting one was how she could never pronounce “inevitable”. After a while, I got stuck on the word, too.

My doctor finally comes in, astonished that I haven’t heard from the hospital where I get my infusions. He stood by as his secretaries went to work. (At this point, I went off to the side to sit down while my mom stood at the desk. You know things are bad when you can’t stand up as long as someone almost 40 years older) They went as far as actually contacting them, which it was past hours of the office they needed to contact. So they told me that they would call them first thing in the morning and would call me back with any sort of news.

This morning, this actually happened! I got a phone call from my GI doctor’s office and they said that they just needed my most recent blood work sent to them and that I just needed to contact my primary care doctor to send the charts their way. For once I can say that something was my fault, because I didn’t get the chance to call them since I have class all day.

I’ll call them first thing in the morning. I’m trying not to get my hopes too high for this, but I’m hoping I can get this infusion done by next Monday.

My GI also lowered my Prednisone dosage from 20 mg to 15. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but the lower the dosage you’re at, the more dramatic the drops are. I am so tired.


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