Predni-so-done with this

I finally have some good news! My treatment is finally moving forward after 5 months of being on Prednisone. I saw my GI doctor this past Wednesday because I was actually wanting to get a refill of Prednisone, but the pharmacy told me that he wanted me to schedule an appointment with him. After a game of phone tag between my primary care doctor’s office, my mom, and my GI doctor’s office, I got my paperwork straightened out and an appointment was set.

As I got to the actual office itself, I was surprised how packed it was. I had to sit in this weird chair that reminded me of a coiled spring rather than an actual chair. By the time I was called into an office, it was an hour after my actual appointment.

My doctor was actually a bit miffed at me for not having come in for the past five months, but I was under the impression that I had to wait for my first Entyvio/Imuran infusion. Since they said that the insurance hadn’t approved it every time I called the hospital to possibly schedule an appointment, nothing happened except that I had to keep taking Prednisone.

“We’ll call you,” they kept saying.

It’s like waiting to hear back from a job interview, but worse.

My mom showed him the letter saying that my insurance actually has approved it (I didn’t know that letter existed until last week), which confused even him as to why they hadn’t called me. He got a copy of it and said that he’d take it to the hospital himself. He’s that kind of doctor. It’s pretty great.

My doctor said that he hoped I would hear back from them within 10 days after he talked to them, but insisted that I see him at least once a month until I’m in some sort of state of remission.

I’m so glad that some progress is finally going to be made on my treatment!


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