For those who have multiple chronic illnesses

Do you often find yourself having to compromise between them when it comes to food? I have ulcerative colitis and Prednisone induced type 2 diabetes. My mom knows more about diabetes and gets mad at me whenever she sees me eating something that will make my blood sugar skyrocket, but it does nothing wrong with my colitis.

Today’s case was that I got white rice instead of brown because I knew it would have too much fiber in it for me today, but my mom got mad and said that brown rice is better for diabetes. The only other side option that the restaurant had other than rice was a side salad… Which I physically can’t digest.

Either way, it’s starting to get really upsetting as the list of food I can’t have grows and my parents refuse to accommodate with the food they buy for the house.

Because of my kidneys, I can’t have food with salt anymore. The snack that my dad got for the week was fucking Cheez-its. Something completely coated with salt.

I’m not really asking for dietary advice. I just want to know I’m not alone in this.


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