Doctor’s Appointment

Believe it or not, it’s been two months since my last doctor’s appointment and a little bit more than that since my kidney stone removal surgery.

Today I met up with my urologist for a follow up visit, but it wasn’t without a bit of adventure along the way. I got a bit lost looking for her new office location and I ended up saving a tiny old Asian woman from getting squished by elevator doors. She was walking a bit too slow for the sensor to work properly, so I panicked and held the door back myself. I was able to then wave a hand in the doorway and it opened up again.

She honestly could’ve said anything to me, but I’d like to think it was a thank you.

When I got into the waiting room, I noticed that I wasn’t the youngest person in there for once. There was a boy about high school aged talking to his mom in rapid Spanish. I’ve always gotten A’s in Spanish, but I’ve never gone past Spanish 3 and I don’t know any medical Spanish, so I didn’t get a word of what they were saying. Also, I honestly wasn’t paying attention.

Results from a 24 hour urine collection test that I did in early January were in. My doctor got on to me a little for saying that I expected bad news. I said that it was because I generally keep my expectations low, but I realized just now that it would be silly to expect anything but bad news when you’re 22 and have had three kidney stones since you were 19-turning-20.

Also, kidney stones are an unfortunate side effect of ulcerative colitis. It messes with how your body absorbs anything. I’m sure the diabetes doesn’t help much either.

The test results show that I have really high calcium and sodium levels, which usually go hand in hand when it comes to creating kidney stones, and the pH levels were a bit more acidic than they should be. For those who don’t know, kidney stones are crystallized calcium formations that start in the kidney. The pain is caused as it is passing through the tubes to your bladder, then on its way out. It can usually pass on its own if it’s 5 mm or smaller, but my last one was 8. One millimeter is about the width of a dime, so stack up 8 dimes and that’s how big mine was.

Make it two more and I could get myself something nice from a vending machine.

My doctor prescribed what she called a “water pill” for me. It’s supposed to make me go to the bathroom more, I guess to clear everything out faster, not like I need any help with that. She suggested I take it later in the afternoon, since she chose a high dosage for me.

I’ve mostly just had people laughing at me with how I can’t eat french fries anymore, now that I have to cut out salt. Potatoes in general were one of the few things that don’t cause stomach problems for me, but that’s another thing I guess I’ll have to cross off my list.

I honestly don’t even like salty food. I don’t even really like pretzels. They’re too dry.

But enough of the sad stuff! I’ll start the medication as soon as I get the phone call that it’s ready to pick up. By next week I’ll probably have a story about how I’ve peed myself or something.

That’ll be hilarious.


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