Spoon Theories

  • But You Don’t Look Sick – The Spoon Theory – This is the link to the original blog post where the Spoon Theory was originally created. It’s an informative and eye opening read for “spoonies” and able bodied people.
  • Spoon Theory Wiki article – Because who doesn’t love reading random Wikipedia articles?
  • Powering Through Chronic Illness – This post is from a separate blog about someone explaining their disease, but showing the guilt that other “spoonies” feel when they aren’t able to do everything that is expected of them.
  • Spoonie Survival Guide to Finals Week – Here’s a post I put together at the end of last semester after my set of finals, but just before everyone else’s. It was really helpful to my other spoonie college friends and they said it was at least funny.
  • “How do you define a disability?” – I ended up writing this post because a friend of mine asked me this question. She needed to get answers from people for a class of hers, so I decided to make a full post about it since Tumblr has a character limit on their messages.

Spoon theory chart


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