Spoon Management

With the new school year starting, I have to set a new schedule for myself in order to manage what we in the chronic illness world call “spoons.”

I’ve explained this on my blog a couple times before, but the term “spoons” means how your energy levels are at that particular time. The more fatigued you are, the less you have to start off with. I’ve never figured out a system to see how many I have a day, but I manage somehow.

When it comes to spoons, you can save them or borrow them. Saving them involves having to stay home or do very sedentary activities for a while. Even I think that’s boring, so whenever I end up saving them, it’s usually from a crash from borrowing spoons for several days.

Borrowing spoons is for only crazy folk like me. Basically, it’s like working overtime, but without the pay. Say you need 15 spoons to get through the day because you have a lot of things , but you only have 10. You can borrow the 5 you need from tomorrow, but you’ll only have 5 spoons for that next day. The next day, you’ll either be stuck in a vicious cycle of borrowing, resting, or being careful of how you use those 5 spoons.

With able bodied people, especially children, they supposedly have an unlimited amount of spoons. That’s why you see them running around like maniacs and won’t get tired for another couple hours.

Luckily, this semester is a lot lighter than it has been in the past, so I haven’t had to spend as many spoons per day. I just have to figure out my time and organize it between work, play, and resting.



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