Solar Pain

Today was my last day on Prednisone! I’ve been on it since mid March and I was on a taper for nearly two months. I started with 60 mg, which is an insanely high dosage. I’ll be super glad once I start becoming a normal person. I took a selfie that I’m planning on saving until my moon face goes down to serve as a comparison picture. People always say that they’ve never noticed, but I don’t believe them. 

I went to work exhausted because of this past weekend. Not to mention this sunburn hurts like crazy. I couldn’t find any aloe vera or Solarcaine at first, so I had to suffer through it. Everything looks a lot more red than it did yesterday, which deeply confuses me. I didn’t even bother putting on a bra today because I knew taking off my shirt would hurt too much.

Eventually I did find some Solarcaine and I was so right about it hurting too much to take off my shirt.

I just know I’m never going outside again.

But I started feeling nauseous while sitting at the circulation desk. I almost asked if I could go home early, but I decided to tough it out because I need the money. I found out that if I closed my eyes, I would feel better, so I let myself cat nap while listening to what was around me. I just propped my head up and hid my face with my hair and forced myself to look up if I heard anybody walking by.

Also, in amazing news, one of my best friends got engaged today! I’m so happy for her!


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