Beach Weekend

I am never working an entire day ever again. It wasn’t even a normal length of hours and I still hate myself for it. I worked today from 7:30 am to 5 pm. I would never recommend it to any sane person. I was unbelievably bored and I just wanted to go home. All I really did was watch YouTube let’s plays of Game Grumps and Achievement Hunter/Roosterteeth. 

I also ate terribly today. I forgot to pack any sort of lunch, so I had to rely on the snacks in the bookstore to tide me over for the day. I got chips and a Gatorade. 

Then for dinner there wasn’t anything that I wanted at home (you can only eat sandwiches and microwave corn dogs for so long), so I went out to Burger King to get food. I’m still burping from it.


I’m super excited for this weekend because I’m going out of town for the first time in a long time. It’ll be my first big road trip since I started feeling my symptoms, so we’ll see how I hold up. The itinerary consists of mostly museum visits, my friend’s boyfriend’s concert, and a beach day. It doesn’t seem too rough, but I’m mostly concerned about the beach day’s bathroom opportunities.

I’m not pooping in the ocean.

I’m bringing all of my extra medicine with me as an extra precaution. You can’t be too careful. No one else I’m going with really knows anything about my condition, and I wouldn’t really expect them to, so I’m just going to keep to myself as best as I can.

I won’t be able to post anything this weekend probably, so wish me luck with being able to keep up with everyone. 


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