Heartburn actually has nothing to do with your heart

I’ve been having the worst heartburn lately. Ugh. What I’ve been eating lately probably hasn’t been helping, but healthier food is way more expensive than it should be. 

Plus, I’m still having a hard time figuring out what sort of diet I should stick to. The foods that irritate my body are hardly consistent at all. Before I was diagnosed, all i could safely eat was plain bread and potatoes. I’d even get heartburn from drinking water. Just imagine the taste of water mixed up with stomach acid.

Delicious, huh?

I may as well have toughed it out in the 14th Century or something.

I’m probably extremely historically inaccurate there.

For lunch I had a slushie with Nerds in it and onion rings from Sonic. I took advantage at the fact that it was happy hour there from 2 to 4. Apparently that was just the worst mistake I could’ve ever made because my mom saw me with the food and started yelling that she had a coupon for Cane’s that was going to expire soon. My appetite’s gone down significantly already, so there’s no way I could’ve had both. My mom ended up just using the coupon for herself and my brother, leaving me watching Parks and Rec in my pajamas.

We both know who won here.

Now I’m eating leftover pizza my dad brought home from work. Who could say no to free food? Definitely not my family.

I’m going to take some Tums and drink some tea in a bit. I think after this my container of Tums will be empty, so I need to remember to get some more when I go out and get the errands that I want to do done tomorrow.

Before I used to feel like a dragon because I was always getting fevers and would slowly exhale onto the cup of ice I’d be eating to melt it into water. Now I feel like a dragon because my chest is burning from a build up of stomach acid and I keep almost throwing up from burping.

I think I’d take the fevers.


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