Dream Diary: Part 2

I spent most of the day sleeping and ended up with a set of the weirdest dreams. 

One of them was that I was leaving my school’s cafeteria eating a banana. The real miracle is that I was able to even get a banana in the first place. Usually the athletes end up taking them all for some reason and they all get excited when there are any.

I’ve asked why and was met with a bunch of blank stares and zero answers.

But then in my dream, I walked to an area where it’s generally very nice. It’s a nice, shaded area where there’s a bridge and a pond. For some reason there were bushes with skulls growing out of them. I took a picture of one and it moved. After a few pictures, I realized that they moved whenever you took a picture of them. I woke up when I was running off to go find someone to show them to.

Then later on when I took a nap, I had a dream where I was sitting in the back of a car with this one girl that I know to be extremely annoying. She was eating Twizzlers and then poking me with her half eaten, spitty ones. I got fed up with her and grabbed the package from her and straight up sat on them so she wouldn’t be able to get to them.

That’s definitely something I would do in real life, though. Prednisone gives me the wackiest dreams.

My appetite is virtually gone compared to how it used to be, though. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Not being hungry all the time is nice, but I’ll miss wanting to have snacks. Snacks are my favorite.

But yeah, those dreams were literally the most exciting part of my day. I had a headache for 80% of today, I had to take pain medicine because my chest was hurting to the point where it hurt to breathe, and then I watched Parks and Rec while using a laser pointer to play with my cats. . 

Living the American dream over here.


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