The Nosedive

Turns out my downward spiral has turned into a nosedive.  I felt feverish and dressed much more warmly than I normally would for a Houston summer morning. I had had weird dreams where I was walking around my school’s campus, struggling to follow after my mom. I would have to stop and rest by pressing my head onto random buildings. Then I found myself having a hard time drinking water through straws and found myself walking on the ceiling of a room and had to let myself fall in order to get down to the ground.

I took my temperature, but it was surprisingly normal. I almost called in sick to work, but I forced myself to get up after taking Zofran and four Tylenol. I also chugged down two water bottles because apparently my real life self was thirsty, too.

My poor liver will probably the first thing to go. 

Work wasn’t too bad now that we’re mostly done shifting the books around. Shelves are being moved around now and girls aren’t allowed to do heavy lifting. If I were the same person I was five or six years ago, I would’ve been offended and insisted on helping. Alas, I am not the crazy figure skating secret body builder I once was. I mostly sat around and answered questions as per usual. I did help some kids in a scavenger hunt find the biggest book in the library, so that was fun.

When I got home, I immediately took a nap. Taking all that medicine had wiped me out. Once I decided to get up, I watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec until it was time to pick up my mom from work. We got dinner at a sushi place that was really good. 

I probably shouldn’t have gotten sushi since my stomach’s been so bad, but it took things surprisingly well. Either way, it would’ve been totally worth it.

Once we got home, I laid around for a bit until my mom turned Parks and Rec off on me. I went to my room instead to wait for the new Legend of Korra episode to air. I don’t have cable, so I either wait for it to show up online or I get lucky and find a livestream. This time around I found a livestream. As I was watching the second episode that was showing tonight, I began to feel feverish again, so I checked my temperature during a commercial break. It was a whopping 100.2. I showed it to my mom and said “I told you something was wrong”.

I had mentioned to her at dinner that my pelvic pain was getting worse and more frequent and that I felt like I was getting sick. Her only advice was a stern “Go take a Tylenol”.

So I did.

My fever’s broke for now, but I know it’s coming back soon.

By soon I mean like… tomorrow.

Apparently the people in charge of approving my Remicade for me called earlier today and left a voice mail to call them back. That’s definitely the first thing I’m going to do on Monday, because things are going to get so much worse if I don’t get my infusion soon.


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