Pain Meds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I had to take some heavy duty pain medicine for the first time in months today. Usually I can tough it out or just take a Tylenol, but I was hunched over as I tried leaving the house today. The only reason why I left was that my mom asked me to go out and get tomatoes for my family’s restaurant. 

I shuffled out of the house feeling and probably looking like a zombie. I also felt like the cashier was judging me for buying like 20 tomatoes alone.

I wanted to make a joke about how I’d start eating them on the way home, but I was just absolutely out of it. The humor would’ve been lost.

I delivered the tomatoes and was rewarded with a sweet tea. I wasn’t feeling well enough to eat anything. I still don’t.

I went home and ended up taking Vicodin and went straight back to sleep. I woke up about four hours later actually feeling somewhat rested. I’ve slowly started feeling bad again, though. Right now I’m having to struggle with this blog post because I’m starting to get the worst headache.

Until next time, let’s hope that this headache goes away. I’m gonna try sleeping early, maybe.


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