A Weirdly High Pain Tolerance

Nothing’s really changed recently other than the fact that my fatigue is getting so bad that I’m now having trouble sleeping at night. It’s been happening for the past couple of days now. I don’t really get it either. My mood and patience levels with people are at a record low. It really sucks because I have a job that’s basically an all-around customer service. Whoever comes to the library rarely has a library service question. They usually want to know what time the coffee shop opens or where the closest bathroom is.

Today was a pretty productive day, though. I worked, got lunch, got my car’s registration renewed, picked up a medication refill, got my mom from work, then went home. I laid in bed for a while and tried to take a nap, but sleep just wouldn’t come. I just was only able to rest my eyes.

I’m down to 20 mg of Prednisone, finally. This is the lowest dose of it I’ve been on since before I started taking it again in March. This probably isn’t helping my fatigue either.

I don’t really know what to do at this point. I don’t want to turn to caffeine or sugar, because obviously that’s one of the worst options for me at this point. I’m already on tons of vitamins too… I feel like I’m about on the verge of overdosing on B12.

Another thing that’s been giving me trouble sleeping is this random stabby pelvic pain on my right side that I’ve been getting for the longest time. It often varies from a 5 to an 8 on the pain scale. The pain is the worst in my pelvic area, but then extends almost to my rib cage. It’s almost like an exclamation point with how it’s spread out. It comes and goes, though, so sometimes I forget about it. 

“But Lauren, how can you forget about a stabby pelvic pain?”

Yeah, I know, I know. It just happens. I have other things to worry about. I also have a weirdly high pain tolerance. I remember one time when I was six, I fell off my bed and onto my shoulder, but I got up feeling more embarrassed than anything. I was also more upset that I had dropped my Gameboy and it froze the game I was playing.

It wasn’t until I tried doing my penmanship homework that I realized that anything was wrong. The next day my mom took me to get x-rays done and it turned out that I had a broken collar bone.

I was still more upset that I lost my save point in my game than having broken a bone.

But back to the stabby pelvic pain. I do have a history of kidney stones, so I almost wanna say it’s my third one preparing for it’s next move. My last one was back in October. But then there’s the possibility of it being an ovarian cyst, a weirdly specific area of intestinal pain, or even my appendix??? There’s just too much going on around there.

Anyone wanna trade bodies for a bit?


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