Spoon Spending Day

I definitely spent more spoons than I expected to today. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so getting up for work this morning was pretty rough. I almost didn’t realize my alarm was going off until I heard my phone clatter onto the floor.

Work was fine. I saw a couple friends that I haven’t seen in a while, so that was nice. Nothing too exciting other than that happened.

Then I had to stop by my grandma’s restaurant, where the A/C was broken. Do you have any idea how hot it gets in a restaurant when the air conditioning is broken? It’s about as hot as the inside of a car. It was awful. As I was waiting there, I called this new pharmacy I just started getting medicine from to see if my medication was ready.

I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes total throughout that phone call. At first the lady on the phone even tried to sell me medication that wasn’t even mine! She mixed me up with someone else’s account. I’m so glad I said something about not recognizing whatever medication she said was ready. She was even trying to get me to pay for it over the phone, too. Naw man… Naw.

I hate making phone calls with a passion. That is one adult thing that I’ll never be able to accomplish without freaking out.

All I know, though, is that I’m going to try to find a new pharmacy as soon as possible.

Then my older brother and I went to the Verizon store to ask about this weird thing that’s been going on with my phone and to buy me a new charger since my old one broke last night. Apparently because Lifeproof phone cases are waterproof, it’s hard to hear the person speaking.

Oh well, I’ve already figured out that you can hear me speak just fine if I put it on speaker.

Then I had to go BACK to the restaurant, where the A/C was finally up and running. I was stuck there because my mom was almost done with food prep for tomorrow and there was no point in going all the way home. As I sat there at a table, I could slowly feel my spoons being taken away from me by the handful. I didn’t even want to drive on the way home, so I dropped my keys in my mom’s hand and we went not home, but to Sam’s.

Again with the pharmacies. At least I got pizza and a soda out of being there with her. The food didn’t really do much for the energy replenishing.

I couldn’t find melatonin like I’d hoped while we were there, but I did find something called 5-HTP. My mom got excited that she recognized it, so I asked where she knew it from. She said she remembers seeing it on Dr. Oz.

I nearly dropped the bottle on the floor. I swear that man is the Gilderoy Lockhart of the medical world (stole that analogy from a friend). I wasn’t surprised at all when his diet pills turned out to be fakes. A quick Google search on my end did show that the 5-HTP would help me more in the long run than anything else we found, so that’s what we got. I took one dose as soon as I got home and I’m pretty tired now, but that could just be the fact that I was out of the house for ten hours straight today.

It was definitely a productive day for me, so this is a start.


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