Healthcare… Yay…

Well, today I figured out why I’ve been so tired. I’m two weeks late on my second Remicade infusion. Something on my chart was marked/read wrong and it got everyone messed up, but of course I’m the one who has to pay for it. Apparently you get your second infusion of Remicade two weeks after your first, then it you have your infusions done every six weeks.


At least I don’t have to go out and buy extra vitamins like I was originally planning.

Ugh, I’m so frustrated about all of this. My insurance isn’t wanting to approve Remicade for me just like how it was in the hospital. I don’t know why we’re having to much trouble. It’s better than having to pay out of pocket like I used to, at least. 

Also with all of these insurance issues, it won’t be until next week when I get my next infusion done. I was hoping I could get it done by tomorrow, even, but nope.

But yeah, basically I’ve been tapering off of Prednisone with nothing else in my system to help me out. Sure, I have Lialda, but the other day I saw undigested pills of it in the toilet.

Disgusting and alarming.

I really hope things end up working out, because I’m really tired of stressing out about this. I’m tired of running out of spoons by the middle of the day. I just feel so isolated.

Sorry for the explosion of feelings in this post. I have too many and don’t know where to put them.


3 thoughts on “Healthcare… Yay…”

  1. Dealing with insurance is never fun. I hope that you can get your second infusion done soon and that it helps you out.

    Have you been tested for anemia? I was getting super tired(still am) because I have iron deficiency anemia. My new GI tested me for it thankfully. Now I’m on iron supplements and they’re slowly starting to help.

    1. Yeah, last time I was in the hospital they said my blood count was fine, but they had me on iron supplements. I’ve been keeping up taking them since then, but I’m still pretty tired.

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