Salad Bar

So I learned the hard way that my body still isn’t ready for any type of raw food. I tried eating a salad today at a buffet and I ended up having to run to the bathroom before I was even done eating it. I was stuck there a good five to a million minutes, so I was glad I brought my phone with me.

Back before I was diagnosed and had my old phone, I used to straight up bring my laptop into the bathroom with me. No shame. I figured that I might as well make one long trip instead of having to make four to five quick trips.

Either way, it was super rough. I’m never doing that again. It’s kinda ridiculous how my body can process chocolate better than what’s ACTUALLY healthy.

After I sat back down at the table, my mom suggested that I eat the cornbread because it was “just so delicious!” I broke it in half only to see that there was actual corn baked inside. I sighed loudly and looked at her.

“Just pick it out!” she said.

Yeah, you go ahead and pick the pre-mixed sprinkles out of a bowl of ice cream and then we’ll talk. Ugh, I was so mad. She still doesn’t understand my diet after all this time.

At least there was mac and cheese there that I could eat.

This is why I can’t go vegetarian/vegan. Apparently my body only likes carbs and protein. I can’t even take fiber supplements because it does the same exact thing.

People really need to stop suggesting diets to me. It’s just rude.

I’m still pretty groggy since I’ve woken up, but I forced myself to write today. I’m gonna try eating something in a bit. Wednesday is my next doctor’s appointment and that’s when we’re going to talk about my next Remicade infusion. Apparently my new insurance is being fussy about giving it to me. I had this same issue with them when I was in the hospital a month ago now.

Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.


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