Twenty-one going on Eleventy-one

I woke up this morning to a lot of pain in the joints of my fingers. My first thought was “Oh no, how am I going to be able to type anything?”

My priorities really need to be reordered somehow considering my first challenge was me trying to open my door. Next were those damn childproof pill bottles. At least my vitamin bottles have a little flip top on them to make things easier. 

I haven’t had any joint pain in my hands since I used to figure skate. I used to use my hands to catch myself or help myself roll out of falls, so after 12 years (actually about 8) my hands got pretty messed up. When I was 16, I actually had to get steroid shots in my hands because they got really swollen and would lock up. My right pointer finger and my left ring finger were the worst out of them.

What made me really mad though was the doctor I got for that was a douche. He seemed only concerned about my left ring finger (“Oh your poor future husband,” he said. More like, “Here’s your daily dose of me already sexualizing a teenage girl when I’m a grown ass man.”), kept saying that I was too young to have these problems, and kept acting like it was just one fall that caused those problems. He even suggested just giving a steroid shot to my ring finger and just taping up the rest of them whenever I skated.

No, sir. It was 8 years worth of falls. Also, wow excuse you I was 16 years old and perpetually single at the time. I even said that I was more concerned about my health than I was about getting married.

Hella rude. I kinda got that vibe from him as soon as I walked into his office and saw his walls plastered with basketball players. I haven’t gone there again since.

The only cool part of that entire visit was that the doctor sprayed my hands with numbing spray before I got the shot and I couldn’t feel anything but pressure. 

But I’m pretty sure I hurt my hands from opening those bubble containers from the wedding I was at yesterday. They were tiny and pretty hard to open. My thumbs hurt the most out of everything, which makes sense if that’s the case. I used it as an excuse to drink lots of cold things and eat Popsicles. The pain is pretty much gone at this point.

What can I say, I’m 21 going on 111.


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