Drop Down Day. AKA: Double D-Day

I dropped down from 40 mg to 30 today and right now I feel like I got hit by a train. I was actually doing really well until about 6:30-ish this afternoon, which is pretty great considering the fact that I had such a busy day. I didn’t sleep very well because drinking last night made me as gassy as I expected, but that’s my own fault. I took some nausea medicine, but that ended up just leaving me staring at the ceiling as it felt like my head was being pushed into my pillow and my brain being thrown into a blender.

It did help out in the end, though.

This morning was the most eventful part of my day. I “woke up” to a text from a friend asking if I was awake. I ignored it for a minute, but then my phone started ringing and I knew something was wrong.

Apparently communication on how to get the bride’s makeup artist (also a friend of mine) to the salon she was getting ready at fell through. Whoops. I was the first person my friend could think of to do it since she was stuck at the airport. I dragged my butt out of bed, got ready as fast as I could, then sped out the door. We only ended up being 30 minutes late, which ended up being well timed because they salon apparently had just started working on the bride’s hair.

It’s so weird seeing your friends getting married. It’s gonna be hard to find someone who’s willing to deal with all of my drama and bad luck.

It was a really nice wedding, though. A bit smaller than I expected, but nice. Hearing the thunder rumbling outside during the ceremony was pretty cool. During the reception, I was able to pick through things that I could eat and the groom’s cake actually had bacon in it! I just avoided anything that I couldn’t recognize.

There wasn’t any dancing, making it a truly Baptist wedding. I didn’t mind. I probably wouldn’t have danced either. I was more interested in socializing with friends that I mostly haven’t seen since school got out, anyways. One of my friends started playing on the piano in the room, improvising various love songs she knew at the top of her head. That girl is amazing at what she does.

Trailing behind a cloud of bubbles, everyone left out in the rain. My friend and I didn’t want to go home yet, so we ended up going to Fry’s (a computer hardware store). While we were there, I played this one demo of a game called Octodad, which was seriously the funniest game I’ve ever played. Each movement of the Octodad was tied to a button, kinda like QWOP. 

Ironically, the demo included him having to get ready for his wedding. I had him flopping around the church and making all sorts of mess.

Once I got home, I took a nap because I was starting to get kinda tired. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling absolutely awful. I ended up chugging a bottle of water and eating part of a chicken sandwich, hoping it would help. After I was done, I realized that today was a drop down day with steroids. I feel a little better now, but still not like how I was earlier today. Cramps are definitely a thing that are going on right now.

It was nice getting to see friends. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a while. Tomorrow’s going to have to be a recovery day for sure, though.


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