Bikini Body

So many of y’all may have noticed me sharing pictures of Bethany Townsend on various social media websites of mine. Here’s a quick summary. She’s a former model and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when she was 3. She had to get an emergency surgery done back in 2010 because her bowel burst and woke up with two colostomy bags fitted onto her. 

I can honestly say I’ve had nightmares that have along the lines of that.

They’ve been horrifyingly vivid.

The fact that IBDs are finally getting positive attention after that BBC junk food fiasco is absolutely amazing. There isn’t any sort of talks about having to get anything removed for me, but I know this is a huge self esteem boost for everyone with a colostomy bag of any kind. Having to get one at such a young age would be pretty devastating for anyone, especially someone who used to be a model. 

I’m way too short and I’ve gained a lot of weight since I’ve been on Prednisone, so my modeling career is out the window, unfortunately. The only thing I know about modeling, anyways, is from the couple of seasons of America’s Next Top Model that I used to watch religiously. The girl that’s always stuck in my head was that girl Allison(?) that was jealous that Tyra used to get nosebleeds a lot as a kid.

But what really surprises me is that I haven’t seen anything negative about her picture yet. Yes, she is very thin and attractive, but I haven’t seen (I honestly haven’t looked very hard) any negative comments about her bags. This news is actually spreading positive awareness and I’m actually excited about it! I’m always a bit self conscious about IBDs being seen as dirty or disgusting since it has to do with faulty bodily functions. 

Despite the fact that Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis still don’t have a cure, I’m hoping that Bethany will become a body positive role model for men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. She understands what it’s like going through treatment after treatment and still not getting any closer toward remission. She’s very brave for sharing this with us.

You shouldn’t have to be afraid to live your life just because you poop a little differently than everyone else. I’ve even heard this myself a million times, but seriously, don’t let your disease control you. I’m still trying to teach that to myself.

And yes, I know this is inspiration porn. Shush. Let me be inspired and geek out for the next couple days.


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