Not All Men

I didn’t do much today other than work. I was there a bit longer than usual because I covered last minute for a friend. I mostly just played Pokémon LeafGreen on my laptop’s emulator and dealt with this one lady who wanted me to make her resume “bigger”.

She didn’t want me to change anything, though. She just wanted me to make it… Bigger.

She wasn’t even using Microsoft Word, but this random resume generator website. How is any normal person supposed to know how to work that garbage? When she asked me why I was even working there, I almost wanted to leave her at that computer. I didn’t need to deal with that. I definitely don’t get paid enough to deal with that.

Rude people are so unnecessary.

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty good day. I even got my Magikarp to evolve to a Gyarados on my Pokémon game.

So of course, I have to mention the Hobby Lobby thing. Apparently it doesn’t deny all contraceptives? That’s new information I didn’t know before. I’m still mad that this is even a thing, though. Don’t women go through enough shit just once a month? Now they’re being denied something that’s needed while men are still being supplied their precious purple pills.

Men are even complaining about how the male characters are portrayed in Orange is the New Black. The only thing I have to say about that is to not watch a show that’s written, acted, and enjoyed by women.


But what if religion gets more rights with companies and healthcare? Will businesses run by Jehovah’s Witnesses fight to deny blood transfusions? Will companies led by Scientologists deny coverage for antidepressants?

Remind me to never work for those companies. Those are both things I’ve needed.

Denny’s, don’t go changing on me now. (It’s an English major joke.)

I just really don’t like the idea of the government teaming up with a religious company/group to deny a certain group of people a very important part of their physiological health care.

That is all.

This post had nothing to do with ulcerative colitis or chronic illness and I will apologize for nothing.

I guess it did have something to do with healthcare, which is something I’m pretty passionate about except for the fact that I have no talent in the world of science.

I also guess I can say that birth control is important because I personally don’t want kinda because I don’t want to continue a line of a possibly genetic disease.


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