Mo’ Money, Less Problems

Money was the ruler of my day today. I severely underestimated the amount of money I had in my bank account. I made a mistake and bought some things I had been wanting, but forgot the fact that since I was in the hospital, I got paid peanuts this past paycheck. After those impulse buys, hospital bill payments, a doctor’s visit, a tank of gas, and a lunch at Chick-fil-A, I currently have $3 in my bank account.


What if I hadn’t spent those $10 back in 2004 that one time…

The literal worst part of my day was when I had $60 fall out of my jacket pocket in WalMart while I was sent on an errand to buy 20 pounds of ground beef for my grandma’s restaurant. This is a jacket I’ve had since the beginning of my college freshman year when we got a coupon for like half off of a purchase that wasn’t books at my school’s bookstore. It’s now turned into my traveling security blanket that now covers my Prednisone tummy pooch. The pockets are the only deplorable thing about it because things fall out of them all the time. Including the time I almost lost my last phone to the toilet.

So I was at the checkout and about to pay when all my pocket had was my phone. Let the nightmare begin.

I knew the money had been in my pocket when I had left the car, so I had somehow lost it in either the parking lot or the store. I then frantically told the cashier that I’d be right back and literally ran back to the meat section. I almost started crying and throwing up at the same time as I retraced my steps, searching the disgusting off-white tile for bits of stupid paper.

Within minutes, I found it near the produce section, where just earlier I had taken my phone out of my pocket that also had the money in it in order to take a Snapchat video of the vegetables. I had captioned it “Look at all these things I can’t eat”. It was funny at the time.

But the money was on the floor with a young family of four surrounding it. I’m pretty sure I scared their children because one of them was about to reach down for it and I had gasped and nearly screamed “Oh my God you found it.”

I’m pretty sure it turned out like a “OhmygodyoufounditIthoughtitwasgoneforeverandthatIwasgoingtodietoday”

I was so lucky and I am never keeping money in those jacket pockets again.

Once that ordeal was over and the meat was successfully purchased and delivered, my body was not happy from the stress I put it through. I was stuck in the bathroom during the early afternoon and for the rest of the time, until I had to go to the organization fair at this last freshman orientation at my university, I napped in front of a box fan.

Now I’m at home watching the final episodes of Merlin, munching on chocolate animal crackers (which are sadly not as good as you’d think), and wishing I could afford a Sonic slushie, because all I really want is their ice.


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